Lynette Kotsay Beard


LYNETTE KOTSAY BEARD is a licensed esthetician with over eleven years of experience in the skincare industry. Lynette has been passionate about health, skin and wellness since she was young. She studied journalism at CU Boulder but it was it wasn’t until she experienced acne and roseacea as an adult, that she found her dream career. Outside of helping clients be the best they can be, Lynette loves to travel, be outdoors and spend time with her family!

Lynette’s goals are to:

  • Encourage you to participate in solving your skin issues and to coach you through the process!

  • Encourage you to avoid quick-fix “remedies” such as drugs for acne and chronic skin conditions.

  • Skip products, methods and equipment that aren’t holistic and that could possibly be harmful.

  • Prevent illness by serving as a valuable resource for healthy skin.



Chemical Peels

Diamond Tome Microderm

Face Reality Acne Program

Holistic Skincare


Lash Lift and Tints

Micro Channeling

Oncology Treatments

South Seas Spray Tans

Superficial Blemish Removal