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This Month’s Specials

Summer is here. [deep breath] Finally. Can you feel it? Check out our “July Specials” below: seasonal facial, treatment/product specials and more!


Tropical Oasis Facial

The Tropical Oasis facial is a blend of papaya and seaweed that is truly an oasis for your skin. It will exfoliate, hydrate and plump your face. Watch for the waves on this facial--it can be tingly! The Papaya Enzyme includes: papaya fruit, seeds and a perfection peptide--which all contain exfoliating properties. The facial also includes a Seaweed Mask, for a cooling and purifying effect--it's your "cool dip in the ocean," even in Colorado.

$79 for 80 minutes


Brittany Osborne

Brittany is a Mom to two beautiful children: an 8-year-old daughter and a 1-year-old son. She loves motherhood, researching, music, food and skincare! Her love for skincare started as a teenager struggling with breakouts. She says she was always researching ingredients and trying to find answers.

So she decided to pursue her passion at the School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics. She believes skincare involves not only the right products and treatments, but the right diet and a healthy mind. Her goal is to spread knowledge and to help others feel beautiful and confident in their skin.

She says she loves and stands behind all of the product lines at Pure Dermal Care, but her personal favorites that she’s using now are Face Reality (made especially for acne prone skin) and Hale & Hush (especially for sensitive skin). She notes that many are breakout prone and/or sensitive, but even if you're not, both of those product lines work for anyone—and they are effective, she notes! 

Schedule with Brittany & Haylie:

We are offering rewards to those who book or refer with Brittany and Haylie. You'll receive a 20% referral discount but in addition, an add-on treatment: lip, hydration or Wrinkle MD treatment--based on supplies. Below you will find their bios, days they are available:


Brittany: Monday evenings & Saturdays

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Haylie: Mondays until 1:30, Thursdays and Fridays

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Pure Dermal Care Product Philosophy

Pure Dermal Care offers a boutique approach to skincare, products chosen for this climate, this economic region with results in mind for people with concerns about aging, acne or sensitivities in mind.

We have chosen all professional products created primarily by estheticians for their customers. Ingredients are chosen for impact, where no ingredient is meant be a filler or harmful. While we strive for natural as possible, products with the benefit of science are selected to buffer or pair with other ingredients to help alleviate a reaction while offering powerful results.


Haylie Franz

Who knew that the 10-year-old Salt Lake County beauty queen winner would be helping people obtain their dreams of beauty as an adult?

Haylie is a traveler and camper when not working. She loves working at both hair and skin and does both. She calls it a great dual focus.

Her main goal is to see results. She recently partnered with a 59-year-old woman before her big 60th celebration. She did 4 treatments in 6 weeks, including a Microderm and Dermaplane treatment. The woman exuded confidence after her last treatment.  Glowing, smooth skin does make a difference. 

Haylie’s favorite products are the Hush Hydrate from Hale & Hush and acne preventing products from Face Reality but can recommend for all skin types from Skin Scripts, Circadia and the other professional lines offered at Pure Dermal Care.


July Specials

  1. Eye Products, 20% off

  2. Digestive Enzymes, 15% off

  3. Buy a Cleanser + Moisturizer, 10% off each

  4. Acne Peptide, 10% off

  5. Spray Tan Package: Buy 5 Spray Tans for $25 each; save $30